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Europeans "not living in the real world" - Cuthbertson

European policy makers have been condemned as "not living in the real world" and finding excuses in "post-modernist garbage" in a report by Peter Cuthbertson of Conservative Commentary.

Cuthbertson was responding to an article in the Daily Telegraph pointing to differences between American and European ways of thinking. In a hard-hitting report he said: "If democratic ideals are no better than socialist ideals or Fundamentalist Islamic ideals, then fighting for one over the other is so much needless killing. So no wonder blind pacifism is now dominant across Europe, which no longer has the army to fight even if it wanted to."

His remarks have added weight to calls for Britain to leave the EU and invade Zimbabwe.
posted by Patrick Crozier 8/10/2002 11:54:00 AM

De Havilland in hospital - nation holds its breath

As Perry de Havilland, founder of Samizdata, prepared to go under the knife yesterday, a nation looked on anxiously.

Peter Briffa of Public Interest summed up the mood of many when he said: "Spare a thought for King of the Metacontext himself, Perry de Havilland. Yes, the poor sap has decided to put his life in the hands of those demented socialists and sadists, otherwise known as the NHS. He doesn't say what he's in for - maybe he's converted to Judaism, in which case our prayers are with him, but all the same, hang on in there, Pezza!"

CrozierVision will bring you constant updates as this story develops.
posted by Patrick Crozier 8/10/2002 11:28:00 AM

Hollywood not completely crap - shock

The view that Hollywood produces nothing but statist claptrap took a beating from Libertarian Alliance strongman, Antoine Clarke today. In an analysis for Samizdata he examined four movies: Spiderman, Minority Report, Bad Company and French flick, Sur mes Levres. He said: "I enjoyed all of these movies and found them a lot better than most of the television I've watched recently."

Minority Report was singled out for particular praise. Mr Clarke said: "I don't know what kind of movies Friedrich Hayek enjoyed, but I'm sure he would have nodded approval at the script of Minority Report."
posted by Patrick Crozier 8/10/2002 10:53:00 AM



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