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Saddo - go for it!

We should treat Saddam as our friend and not our enemy. That's the surprising view being put about by (probably) fictitious political analyst, Claire Berlinski. Her view is that in Mid East terms, Saddam is the least of our worries and we should get him to sort out our real problems in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Writing in Samizdata she (or is it he?) said: "Yep, you heard us right. That was the green light, just like the one you thought you got from that Glaspie woman, only this time we mean it. Take Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia too. It would take you what, three days? Go ahead and butcher the Al Sabahs and the whole Saudi royal family."

She also has an answer to old-style human rights worries. She told Saddam: "Any dissent? We know you know how to handle it, just don't tell us about the details. Let Noam Chomsky worry about it."

Human rights are for poofs.
posted by Patrick Crozier 8/24/2002 08:00:00 AM

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posted by Patrick Crozier 8/24/2002 08:00:00 AM


Freedom attacked - libbies silent

The freedom to take drugs has once again come under attack from conservatives and once again the question is being asked: Where are the libertarians?

Today's attack came from Stephen Pollard who claims that cannabis is not necessary for medical purposes. This is the latest in a series of articles which have included pieces in The Edge and Conservative Commentary.

These have yet to elicit any response from any libertarian. This has led to speculation that many think there is no case to answer.
posted by Patrick Crozier 8/23/2002 10:35:00 AM

Stop the power grab

There have been renewed calls today for people to resist attempts by politicians to smuggle in power grabs under the smokescreen of protecting children. Writing in Dodgeblog and commenting on the existence of plain evil people Mommabear said: "This fact bears repeating more than ought to be necessary, but there are too many people who will avoid understanding this or deliberately ignore this in order to further their agenda of using evil-doings as a pretense for placing more and more stupid, nasty controls on the rest of us. We are being slowly subjugated by the power-grabbing professional politicians under the guise of protecting us from evil, when the real evil is those power grabs."

The UK government is currently using the Holly and Jessica case to try to suppress the internet. The internet had nothing to do with their murder.
posted by Patrick Crozier 8/23/2002 10:34:00 AM

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posted by Patrick Crozier 8/23/2002 10:34:00 AM


Pollard in pain

Daredevil Stephen Pollard, the man who likes to be attacked, has found one sort of pain he doesn't like - and this time it's self-inflicted. Pollard, who came through unscathed after an attack by dead sheep David Aaronovitch, found that in attempting to read Tom Nairn's "Pariah" he'd bitten off more than he could chew. He said: "I cannot remember feeling pain before when reading a book. Boredom, yes. Annoyance, yes. But not real, physical pain. Pariah, however, is so turgid, so overwritten, so trite, so predictable and above all so deeply, deeply pointless that...I began to ache, and not just in my head."

Although stopping short of demanding that that "Pariah" be classified along with heroin and LSD Pollard gave a stern warning to anyone thinking of picking up the book. He said: "Please, please don’t look at this book. With one in five of the adult population functionally illiterate, ‘Britain’ can’t afford to lose any of those of us who can read, and if you start Pariah you may, like me, start losing the will to live."
posted by Patrick Crozier 8/22/2002 02:54:00 PM

Axe the tab tax

Proposals to more than quadruple California's ciggy tax have been slammed as ineffective and likely to lead to the creation of a black market. Writing in Give War a Chance, Hawkgirl said of the proposed $2 a pack tax: "How stupid do they think we are (don't answer that)? Do you think that I would opt to pay 50% more for a pack of cigarettes instead of taking a short drive to Mexico or Arizona? Do you think I am the only person that has considered opening a black market retail outfit of my own to fly in the face of this sort of blatant discrimination? Do you think it's going to get me to quit? Because if you do, you couldn't be more wrong. I'll quit when I'm good and ready, and for reasons of my own..."

Tobacco tax in the UK is about $6 for a pack of 20 cigarettes.
posted by Patrick Crozier 8/22/2002 02:52:00 PM

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posted by Patrick Crozier 8/22/2002 02:52:00 PM


Take the CrozierVision Challenge

Bored with the debate over capital punishment? Think it's just common sense? Want a more fertile topic upon which to exercise your infinite wisdom and imagination? Well, if so, the CrozierVision Challenge is for you.

As you all know the main methods of doing away with murderers and traitors are the long drop, electrocution and lethal injection. Boring or what? It is amazing that with the vast array of technology available - technology such as elasticated ropes, mobile phones and Velcro - we haven't come up with a more innovative, interesting or - let's face it - entertaining way of getting people to meet their maker. That's the challenge. In no more than 5,000 words describe how you would do away with society's unwanted. Marks will be given for originality, use of modern technology and commercial spin-off potential. Prize? Hmm.

It's over to you.
posted by Patrick Crozier 8/21/2002 06:49:00 PM

"Non-elitist poof Brits" - I am sorry

Hawkgirl has made an apology - but not to everyone. The unprecedented move came during a take down of Guaridian retard, Matthew Engel. She said: "Our little Engel just couldn't resist the self-righteous "in closing" bit about how superior his little dwindled empire (with apologies to non-elitist poof Brits...) is to America"

CrozierVision is trying to establish whether you have to be a poof or not to qualify for the apology.
posted by Patrick Crozier 8/21/2002 09:15:00 AM

Hole in anti-Tranzi thinking

Chris Bertram of Junius has claimed to have found a hole in anti-Tranzi thinking. He believes you can't be against groups and for nations. Reviewing an article be Steven Den Beste he said: "It seems as if Den Beste's real (and unargued for position) is not that individuals are more important than groups but that some groups (nations, and especially nation-states) are more important than other groups (ethnic minorities within nation-states, for example)."It seems as if Den Beste's real (and unargued for position) is not that individuals are more important than groups but that some groups (nations, and especially nation-states) are more important than other groups (ethnic minorities within nation-states, for example). "

"Tranzi", a term coined by Samizdata's David Carr, is short for "transnational progressive".
posted by Patrick Crozier 8/21/2002 09:15:00 AM

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posted by Patrick Crozier 8/21/2002 09:14:00 AM

Toynbee slammed

Guardianista, Polly Toynbee, has come under attack for being soft on murderers. Writing in Conservative Commentary, Peter Cuthbertson said: "Motivated by a bitter contempt for her country, morality and common sense, she is shameless in her advocacy of any means to destroy conservatism. The parliamentary route seems scarcely to interest her except where she shows her distaste for it. She must look with admiration on those European Commissioners, without a vote to their name, driving small businessmen across the continent into bankruptcy with politically correct regulations."

80% of Britons support the restoration of the death penalty.
posted by Patrick Crozier 8/21/2002 09:14:00 AM


Indie blasted

Lowbrow Leftie broadsheet, the Independent, has been blasted for trying to make political capital out of the deaf prodigy and Oxford reject who got 6 grade As at A Level. Writing in Public Interest, Peter Briffa said: "This university didn't play PC ball, unlike 'most universities' and the Indy doesn't like it. Who cares if it is the wrong or the right decision, just so long as it looks good in the brochures? It isn't her deafness, or righting an injustice that gets their goat, it's merely how things look. A sign of the times, I guess."

Getting into Oxford doesn't make you smart. Not getting into Oxford doesn't make you stupid. Getting into Oxford...
posted by Patrick Crozier 8/20/2002 12:28:00 PM

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posted by Patrick Crozier 8/20/2002 12:27:00 PM


Come on if you think you're hard enough

Top Tories, Peter Cuthbertson and Iain Murray have joined forces to have a go at the libertarians. The tag team owes its origins to stories claiming that cannabis is bad for you. Reacting to the news Murray said: err, nothing while his partner in purity, Cuthbertson also said nothing.

Viewers are advised that CrozierVision will be bringing you live (well, cryogenically preserved) and exclusive(ish) action from this clash of the titans. We will bring you every blow, every slam and every knee in the groin... just as soon as the Tee-total Two come up with an argument.
posted by Patrick Crozier 8/19/2002 07:14:00 PM

Tranzis trash Zim

Zimbabwe is in crisis and it's all the fault of "tranzis". That's the verdict of Samizdata's David Carr. He said: "Mugabe has had, to all intents and purposes, the green light from the Tranzis who have been far too pre-occupied with bringing down the Great Satan (USA) and Little Satan (Israel) to waste any valuable hectoring time with the likes of Brother Mugabe..."

Note to readers. Tranzis are not sexually dysfunctional neo-nazis. They are "transnational progressives", a term coined last week by John Fonte. To have caused this much trouble is pretty good going for a bunch of people who have only just got a name.

Robert Mugabe doesn't have a penis.
posted by Patrick Crozier 8/19/2002 11:09:00 AM

"Ooh, he's uttered his first viva voce"

With school standards seemingly in permanent decline, Our Man in Scotland, David Farrar has come up with a novel fix. He said: "I have a better idea. Every newborn child in Scotland should be given a PhD, signed by "education" minister Cathy Jamieson. All teachers can be fired; the rest of us can enjoy a huge tax cut. School buildings could be used as places where computerphobes can work out their anger."

There was a time when PhDs were given out to clever people but now they are given out to people like Jack Cunningham and Mo Mowlem.
posted by Patrick Crozier 8/19/2002 11:09:00 AM

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posted by Patrick Crozier 8/19/2002 11:08:00 AM


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posted by Patrick Crozier 8/18/2002 08:24:00 AM

Keane in big trub

Not satisfied with making an arse of himself in print (see The Captain), World Cup refusenik, Roy Keane has now made an arse of himself on live radio. According to James Haney: "Popular radio host Eamon Dunphy managed to get soccer star Roy Keane to say things on the air that could land him in jail."

Keane's next book ought to be called "How to lose friends and alienate people".
posted by Patrick Crozier 8/18/2002 08:24:00 AM



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