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Suspension of service

This is to let you know that CrozierVision is being indefinitely suspended. The reason is time. I am planning on a new career and for at least the next 6 months more or less my every waking moment will be dedicated to it. This spells curtains for CrozierVision as it is something that has to be updated on a daily basis. Neither does it augur particularly well for UK Transport or This Blog has No Title. I will probably only be writing for them when I am bursting with something to say and totally bored with my studies.

Having said that I think CrozierVision or something like it does have a future. CrozierVision was supposed to be a digest blog first and a pretend TV channel only second. In recent chats with fellow bloggers it was interesting to note that people either like the digest part, or the TV channel part but rarely both.

I think the Blogosphere needs digest blogs. It needs that one blog you can go to everyday where you know you will find new material and links through to interesting articles. It would also be extremely useful for non-regular bloggers eg me who would prefer to concentrate on quality rather than frequency. But if you are going to have such a blog then either you must follow a multi-member approach so that it is constantly being updated, or you need to make it full-time - which means money which is something that no one in the Blogosphere seems to have. There is also the nagging doubt that there were at one time five Blogwatches which, I understand, have now all closed down. Why was that I wonder?

As far as the TV station goes I think that could be a scream - as David Carr today illustrates. But that requires a rather different skill set from the one required to digest which suggests to me that there would be a natural split between the two formats.
posted by Patrick Crozier 9/09/2002 06:53:00 PM



CrozierVision is going to be the most successful TV station in broadcasting history and the spearhead of the libertarian counter-revolution. Unfortunately, in the absence of TV cameras, studios, staff and money it is, for the time being, confined to being a one-man blog shamelessly picking up on the efforts of others in the Blogosphere and elsewhere.

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