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National Hell(th) Service - Alice Bachini

posted by Patrick Crozier 11/07/2002 08:01:00 PM


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The implosion of the Tory party is worthy of The Office, where David Brent tries to appear competent and trendy and fails dismally at both. - The Telegraph

posted by Patrick Crozier 11/06/2002 07:54:00 PM

BNP Watch

I have just finished watching a web broadcast by Nick Griffin of the British National Party on the sacking of their youth orgnaiser, Mark Collett (link via Liberty Log).

There are a number of things that struck me. First of all, it's not just conservatives and libertarians who see the internet as their salvation.

Second. It is difficult to work out just where Griffin is coming from. He goes out of his way to condemn Nazism but seems to have difficulty in articulating just what the BNP does stand for. If I were being charitable I would say that he is basically a traditional conservative who is uneasy with immigration without actually hating immigrants. At the same time he finds himself in a party with a large number of members who really do hate immigrants and who think that Hitler was right. He has to be careful what he says.

Third. He's a very good performer. He must not be underestimated. The market for an opposition party is very open right now. He might just fill the gap.

posted by Patrick Crozier 11/06/2002 06:18:00 PM


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Fusspotocracy - BEdBlog
posted by Patrick Crozier 11/05/2002 06:45:00 PM


Blog roundup

I'd sort of given up on this sort of thing but it's been something of a bumper day in Blogland today. I really cannot a remember a day when there has been so much good writing.

Let us terrify those whom reason cannot reach - Natalie Solent

Vote Briffa - Public Interest

What should we learn from Diana - LPITC

To the rest of us, he seems more like a real life Inspector Clouseau - Stephen Pollard

State schools are immoral - Liberty Log

Ironically, the British left struck the best notes when it sounded like the force more devoted to conserving the social bonds and duties that their own doctrines had destroyed - Conservative Commentary
posted by Patrick Crozier 11/04/2002 06:57:00 PM


Queer-bashing... Democrats

According to Mark Steyn in The Spectator. He also mentions how the Libertarian Party is reaching out to people of colour. Blue in this case.
posted by Patrick Crozier 11/03/2002 04:53:00 PM

Why I don't like Ms

As in Ms Alice Bachini. (By the way, Alice, if you are reading, this has nothing to do with you directly. I don't know which title you prefer. This came from Liberty Log.)

Ms (in preference to Miss or Mrs) grew to prominence in the 1980s. The argument was that... actually I can't remember what the argument was. Come to think of it I think it was that Miss or Mrs revealed a woman's maritial status. Many women (and I agree with them) did not wish to be judged by their marital status but on their merits. Therefore, they needed a new title. Shame that they couldn't have come up with a better one but never mind.

Anyway, towards the end of the 1980s the Economist magazine got itself into trouble when it reported on the wife of the then Spanish Prime Minister, Felipe Gonzalez. It referred to her as Miss Sanchez (actually, I can't remember her real name but it illustrates the point). Queue much gnashing of feminist teeth.

The Economist made a spirited defence. It pointed out that the titles Miss and Mrs do not indicate marital status. They merely indicate whether the bearer is using her maiden or marital name. Thus the Iron Lady would have been entirely within her rights to have called herself Miss Roberts. They also pointed out that in Spain (of all places) married women keep their maiden names.

There is something rather ironic about all this. Because I am not aware of a single case of a woman using Ms with her married name. In other words Ms now means exactly the same as what Miss really means. It's just that Miss sounds better.
posted by Patrick Crozier 11/03/2002 01:21:00 PM



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